Tech News

1. Facebook plans to change its ad strategy, making the ads much less intrusive. Facebook is now looking for feedback from various people, because its user experience specialists want to understand what kind of ads people want to see.

As a result, whenever someone will choose to hide a certain type of ads, Facebook will stop sending that type of ads to the user.

2. There have been fifteen years since the first Google search was performed on the Internet. Back then, almost nobody knew what Google wanted to do. These days the search engine giant is considered to be the most powerful technology company on the market, and the Google search engine is used by people all over this world.

People in various countries also use Google Maps, Google Docs and the Chrome browser, which are also Google services and products that have gained a lot of popularity.

3. Red Cross has come up with an interesting idea: it plans to work with the game developers, helping them implement real war rules in their computer games. This way, as the games are getting more and more realistic, the players will also learn useful information. For instance, there are games that reward actions and behaviors that would be considered crimes of war in real battles.

4. A new statistic shows that the number of women playing games may exceed the number of gamers within the next few years. In the recent past, most gamers were men, but now things seem to have changed – let’s hope that for the better.

5. Yelp has recently admitted that about a quarter of the reviews posted on their site might be fake. Yelp is the largest portal, where people go to read and post reviews about various businesses. A Yelp spokesman has also stated that all the fake reviews will be eliminated. The company was launched back in 2004; since then, more than 40 million reviews have been published on the site.

6. New statistics show that one in seven Americans do not use the Internet. Wait, there is more: a third of those that do not use the Internet are not even interested in using it.

Most of the people that do not use the Internet declare that they consider it too hard to use, or that it isn’t relevant and/or useful for them. About one fifth of those that don’t use the Internet state that they don’t want to buy a computer because it is too expensive, while about 5% say that they don’t have access to Internet.

7. Nokia is planning to unveil several new devices within the following months, during an event that is going to be organized in Abu Dhabi. Among the devices there will probably be two new Nokia Lumia devices and several accessories. Microsoft has bought Nokia for more than 7 billion dollars.